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information technology
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Who we are

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience in the IT industry, is able to respond with professionalism and accuracy to the growing demand for high-level computerization.

Since its foundation, turnover and structure have constantly increased and today it is an important reference in the regional IT industry.

In addition to its employees, avails itself of the collaboration of many external consultants and thanks to the partnership with NTS Informatica is able to offer the best solutions to the various requests of customers.


member provides IT consulting, software development and technology solutions to businesses of any size.


Media.Net is a member of G.I.A., a group of companies specializing in innovative IT solutions to respond fully to customer needs.


ERP Software

We sell multiple ERP soultions for small, medium and big sized companies.


Software development

We develop custom software tailored on customer's request using the most trending technologies.



We can provide a complete and flexible set of outsourcing services.


Sysadmin consulting

We will help you in designing, running and tuning your systems.


web solutions

We develop responsive web applications using innovative tools.


hardware and software

We sell professional hardware and software to best fit your business needs.


technical support

We troubleshoot your technical queries with quick answers and on-site or remote interventions.



We organize training courses to up-skill your staff.



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